Creative Healing in Action

REQ.1 is a non-profit organization that provides victim-survivors of gender-based violence with safe and supportive outlets for physical activity, self-expression, and community connections. It is built on a socially responsible framework dedicated to healing, recuperation, and transition. REQ.1 empowers its participants to transcend trauma and heal through movement and art.


REQ.1 provides victim-survivors of gender-based violence with a safe space and practical coping mechanisms to transcend trauma and heal through movement and art.

Personal Transformation

REQ.1 supports and empowers its participants, who are clients and residents of affiliate crisis centers, shelters, and safe houses. We utilize innovative fitness, response writing, and experiential art to encourage self-reflection and build self-esteem. Our small group classes and private sessions add structure to our participants' daily routines and provide them with creative and practical strategies for managing the stresses of life, both in and out of transitional housing. >> Schedule a REQ.1 consultation

Social Change

REQ.1 invites the community to share its passion for creative healing through anti-violence education and outreach. Our advocacy extends beyond our Northern Liberties studio. Informed and empowered by the victim-survivors with whom we work, REQ.1 hosts and participates in events dedicated to raising awareness on gender-based violence and eradicating its social stigma.

SBN Social Venture Institute
October 2012

REQ.1 founder and president Christina M. Stoltz was invited by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia to participate in a panel discussion on hybrid business models and sustainable community outreach in both the non-profit and for-profit spheres.

1980’s Homecoming Anniversary Party
October 2012

In celebration of their shared studio’s first anniversary, REQ.1 and Ploome hosted a 1980’s homecoming dance to promote creative self-expression and to raise awareness for local anti-trafficking efforts in Pennsylvania.

Not My Life: Stop Human Trafficking
October 2012

REQ.1 founder and president Christina M. Stoltz was invited by Hollaback PHILLY to participate in a film screening and panel discussion on anti-trafficking movements in the US, Russia, and Central Asia.

Nordstrom King of Prussia Champagne Sunday
September 2012
In celebration of naming REQ.1 founder and president Christina M. Stoltz a Zella fitness apparel representative, Nordstrom King of Prussia invited REQ.1 and Ploome to host a Champagne Sunday workout-a-thon to benefit REQ.1 participants throughout Pennsylvania.

Water Olympics
July 2012

In celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics, REQ.1 and Ploome hosted a Water Balloon Tournament to benefit trafficking survivors in Philadelphia.

Footloose for Race Day
May 2012

In celebration of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, REQ.1 and Ploome hosted a live concert and hula hoop contest to benefit victim-survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in Pennsylvania.

Tuck Greener Ventures Conference
April 2012

REQ.1 founder and president Christina M. Stoltz was invited by the Tuck School of Business to deliver a keynote address on the future of social entrepreneurship and sustainable community enterprise.

West Chester University Think.Act.
March 2012

REQ.1 was invited by Think.Act. to participate in a debate on the legalization of sex work and its impact on human trafficking. REQ.1 and Think.Act. co-sponsored a Piloxing (Pilates-boxing) fundraiser to benefit victim-survivors of human trafficking in Pennsylvania.

Yoga Stops Traffick
March 2012
REQ.1 joined Yoga Mala Shala and Mount Airy Yoga for a morning of sun salutes and art dedicated to the abolition of human trafficking in the United States and India. A portion of the proceeds from this event were donated to REQ.1.

Slam on the Silence to End Violence
February 2012

REQ.1 teamed up with the Center for the Empowerment of Women and the Philly Youth Poetry Movement for a night of poetry to combat teen dating violence and intimate partner abuse.

Dance Dance Resolution
January 2012

REQ.1 and Ploome hosted a Dance Dance Revolution fitness tournament to promote Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

AIDSFund Philly GayBINGO
December 2011

REQ.1 and Ploome sponsored and called Holiday BINGO to support HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and outreach services in the Delaware Valley.

Temple University 20th Annual Career Day
November 2011

REQ.1 presented its work and research on alternative fitness advocacy in Pennsylvania.

Dartmouth College Modern Abolition Initiative (MAI)
October 2011

REQ.1 was invited by MAI to analyze international human trafficking protocols and provide policy recommendations.
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REQ.1 and Ploome are creative healing and intelligent fitness in action: they utilize physical activity to transform the body, strengthen the mind-body connection, and explore the joy of movement in a creative and carefree environment. REQ.1 empowers victims of violence to transcend trauma and heal through movement and art. Ploome, our sister fitness boutique and studio partner, was designed to support REQ.1 in achieving these goals. Ploome celebrates body diversity and promotes social responsibility. Every Ploome class you take supports a REQ.1 participant!

Both REQ.1 and Ploome promote creative physical expression and community advocacy. At our shared studio, REQ.1 and Ploome host monthly events and workshops that combine innovative fitness and educational outreach to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence and to inspire social change. Ploome espouses a “Work Out. Chill Out. Help Out.” model that directly involves its clients in the growth and development of REQ.1 through such studio programs as Donate Duds n’ Save. In turn, REQ.1 welcomes the Ploome community and the community at large to share our passion for healing through movement and art.


At the outset of each REQ.1 program, participants must sign a service contract that commits them to the program during their stay in an affiliate crisis center, shelter, or safe house and provides them with the opportunity to continue their participation in REQ.1 programs after transitioning to another location and/or facility. REQ.1 is free for all participants. Affiliate organizations are charged a flat rate, based on a sliding scale, for their enrollment in REQ.1 programs. Join us in our pursuit of personal transformation and social change. Become a REQ.1 supporter, advocate, sponsor, or partner today! >> Get fit & give back